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Discover the future of prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement

What is Reflexlux?

Reflexlux brings mobility and well-being on the point.

Native functional training

Effective and time-saving

Prevention and rehabilitation

Sport-specific performance enhancement

Stimulation of the visual system

Reaction training




Reflexlux is suitable as a preventive measure for all those who have an increased risk of being restricted in their motor functions in their everyday professional or private lives, in sports or due to aging, frequent sitting or other influences.



In the environment of a therapeutic practice, Reflexlux can be used to treat diverse pathological conditions can be treated.


Improve performance

Optimize your physical resilience for a life with high demands on cognition and body by specifically training reaction speed, coordination, perception and increasing your general performance level.

Improve performance

Relearning of forgotten skills

We take you back to the time of childhood when you discovered the full potential of movement for yourself


The variants differ only in appearance and offer the full scope of Reflexlux. This gives you the opportunity to optimally integrate Reflexlux into your existing environment and existing design concepts.

Light white

height 200 cm - width 300 cm - depth 4 cm


height 200 cm - width 300 cm - depth 4 cm
Light touch
big changes

Let Reflexlux convince you. Make an appointment now to get to know us and see for yourself the future of prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.


We are often asked these questions about Reflexlux.

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Is Reflexlux suitable for any level of performance?

Reflexlux is basically suitable for every level of performance. Trainers or therapists will find the appropriate training programs for athletes as well as for older persons and children and adolescents.

Why is Reflexlux special?

Reflexlux, unlike many other training methods, takes a completely new and revolutionary approach. It meaningfully combines cognitive challenge with learning a full range of motion. The training is multidimensional and functional.

Why is visual system training important?

In many training and therapy approaches specific training of the visual system has been little used. Eye training integrated into training is important to improve visual spatial perception. The brain receives most of the information from our environment through the eyes. This is how almost all movements are coordinated. Staring at a computer monitor or smartphone screen for a long time restricts the field of vision, thus the eye does not provide sufficient information to the nervous system, our movements become unsteady.

Reflexlux combines training of the visual system with preset programs on neurocoordinative movements. Our eye-hand and eye-foot coordination exercises not only alleviate motion dizziness and reduce the risk of falling, they also significantly increase reflexes and other coordinative abilities.

Is the development of Reflexlux based on scientific evidence?

Reflexlux is based on findings from neuroscience research and rehabilitation research. Essential to the development is the role of the visual system and cognition for coordination and movement.